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Open Racism, Discrimination, and Hatred in America

Is Cain Harassment Coverage 'Racist'? GOP Reveals Hypocrisy [VIDEO]

Is Cain Harassment Coverage 'Racist'? GOP Reveals Hypocrisy [VIDEO]
Donald Trump made headlines last spring by joining the Birthers, a movement convinced that President Obama is not a US citizen. He came under fire not only for demanding to see Obama's birth certificate but for presuming that the President could not
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Are Strip Searches Unconstitutional?
When President Obama released his long-form birth certificate in response to the tirades of the lunatic fringe "Birthers," you could almost hear the groans of blacks all over America. We understood the president's desire to quell the distraction
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He knows we have the power to dream and do great things
Many of today's Tea Party birthers fail to understand how childhoods affect our adult lives. Every weekday, hard-working American teachers confront economically affiliated parenting deficits (poverty) that diminish classroom accomplishments.
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